General Information and Race Rules
Version 2.0 released 15TH December 2020


Welcome to the Trails of Kings & Queens.  This Race Manual provides Runners and their Support Crews with the information they need to prepare for and participate in the associated events.   

Public Authorities

The conduct of this event is dependent on the cooperation of private stake holders and associated organisations.  Without the cooperation of all parties, the Trails of Kings & Queens would not get the support it does to exist.  In order to gain their approval, a number of their requirements have been incorporated in the Rules for these races.  So that the event can continue in future years, all runners and their support crews are requested to abide by the rules as specified in this document and to obey any lawful directions given by authorised members of the above organisations.

Race Organization

Subject to the superior powers of the above-mentioned authorities, the Event Director, has authority on all matters related to the Trails of Kings & Queens events during the course of the weekend. 


Trails of Kings & Queens has a tongue in cheek theme of the Edwardian period and we encourage runners and volunteers alike to embrace the theme and come dressed in your best themed attire.

Race Dates

Friday 5th March:

KING & QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN – A choose your own trail adventure to race from the base of the mountain to the marquee and flags at the top, collect your flag before racing back down the mountain. Where the marquee and flags are located is anyone’s guess. You will just know that it is somewhere along the top of the mountain and the quickest way to get there is up. Once you find the marquee and flags, grab one and make your way to the bottom the quickest way possible.

Saturday 6th March:

TRAILS OF QUAD DESTRUCTION. Choose between 14k or 28k options of the most incredible quad destroying downhill segments and gnarly heart bursting uphill climbs on this non discriminating mountain side. The 14k course takes you up 4 of the most unforgiving climbs followed by 4 ridiculously fun downhill single tracks full of hairpins and berms. If 14k of this punishment is not enough, double the course to make it 28k.

NIGHTTIME SOCIAL RUN. On the Saturday evening, just on dusk, we will host a night trail ascent and descent. This will be a social run, not timed, where together as a community, we will hike the 1k to the top of the mountain before creating a chain of headlamps snaking down a 2k trail along the switchbacks back down to camp. The imagery of all of us snaking through the forests at the top of the mountain before descending into the open fields and switchbacks near the bottom will be pretty amazing.

Sunday 7th March:

PRISONER ESCAPE. If your quads have anything left in them, then this prisoner escape run is the absolute essential compliment to finish your trail runs for the weekend. No need to worry about the grind of climbing all the up hills, as we will have the shuttle buses running you all up to the top of the mountain every 15 minutes!! Then, tackle one of the 2 downhill segments we will have setup for you (approx. 2k long each) before bussing it back up to try the other segment. Once you have done this, go back up again 2 more times to try and better your first time. The winners (Kings & Queens) will be from the combined lowest total times of all 4 descents. Buses will start at 6:45am for this and the last descent will be at 10:45 so there are 4 hours for you to get these 4 descents completed.




Runners must be at least 10 years of age on the day of the race to enter all the events except the 28k, where only 14yrs and above can enter.


Trails of Kings & Queens is a rather technical course with continual elevation changes. If you are new to trails, pick the shorter distances. The 28k would be more suitable for experienced trail runners.



Maximum Number of Entrants.

We have opportunities to cater for up to 900 runners, crew, spectators and families so an open field

Entry List

A list of Entrants will be maintained on the website after entries open.

Entry Fee (*plus booking fees)

The entry fees are a flat fee for the weekend and include all running events, camping fees, hot showers and use of all the park facilities but exclude all meals. Pricing also includes the use of the shuttle buses on the Sunday morning to shuttle all runners for 4 hours up the mountain.

Early Bird (til Dec 31st 2020)                                                                      $200

Second Release (Jan 1st 2021 – Jan 31st 2021)                                   $225

Final Release (Feb 1st 2021 – Feb 28th 2021)                                       $250


*Kids pricing for under 14 yr olds

Kids Early Bird (til Dec 31st 2020)                                                            $60

Kids Second Release (Jan 1st 2021 – Jan 31st 2021)                          $65

Kids Final Release (Feb 1st 2021 – Feb 28th 2021)                             $70


Additional spectator camping fees:

5-13yrs old                                                                                                       $40

14yrs and above                                                                                             $50


Entry Closing Date

Entries close on Sunday Feb 28th, 2021 at 23:59 AWST.

Any entries received after these dates will be accepted only on the discretion of the Race Director.

Entry Confirmation

Entrants will receive confirmation of receipt of their entry from the Register Now system by email advising the registration has been approved. 

Postponement or Cancellation

It is possible that some kind of unforeseen event or emergency, such as a bushfire or storms, might prevent the event going ahead.  In that case, as much notice as possible will be given to all Entrants.  Should the affected race need to be cancelled, Race Organisers will endeavor to provide some level of refund to entrants. The amount of this refund will be determined by the level of expenses incurred at the time the decision to cancel the event is made. The refund may not be for the full amount paid.



Any Entrant withdrawing from the event prior to Feb 28th 2021, will receive a full refund minus a $20 admin fee. Strictly no refund applies for cancellations after this date.

Race Numbers

Bib numbers will be allocated in the days leading up to the event. They must be worn in a prominent place on the front of your clothing visible to the timing. Utilise the same bib throughout the weekend.

Unofficial Runners

No unofficial runners are permitted throughout the weekend except the social run on the Saturday evening where all runners, crew and spectators are encouraged.


Pacers will not be permitted for any distance event.


The Race Director may prevent any Runner from starting (even after their Entry has been accepted) or continuing in the Kings & Queens events if any of the following occurs:

  •  The Runner or their Support Crew breach Race Rules.

  •  It is decided that the Runner may be placing themselves or others at any risk whatsoever.

  •  Any other reason deemed sufficient by the Race Director.



The Kings & Queens races can be demanding physical events.  By entering, Runners are acknowledging that they have trained appropriately for the race they have entered.


Awards & Presentation

There will be a Presentation Ceremony where awards will be made to winners and place getters of the weekend events as the earliest convenience after the podium finishers complete their applicable events.  This is to be held at the start/finish line.

Finishers’ medals will be presented to all official finishers on completion of their event at the finish line.  All entrants are encouraged to stay after their finish to support other entrants.


Every effort will be made to publish detailed Race Results on the website within 48 hours of the event finishing. 

Race Day Check-In

Check-in will be from 90 minutes before race starts until 30 minutes before race start.

Pre-Race Briefing

There will be a Pre-Race Briefing at the start line 15 minutes prior to the commencement of each race.


The King & Queen of the Mountain event will not be a designated tail. It will be not be marked and you will simply be instructed to run “up”. You will be required to find the flagging marquee at the top of the mountain before making your way back down to the start line.

For the Trails of Quad Destruction, runners must always follow the specified course.  If runners leave the course (ie toilet break) they must return to the same point before proceeding. If you leave the course at the start line, please ensure you do not go over the timing mat more than the once.

Th Prisoner Escape will have 2 marked downhill segments which will guided at the start by a marshal and end at the finish line at the bottom of the mountain.

Trail Etiquette

Runners should show courtesy to all people and use common trail etiquette including leaving no litter.


Track Conditions

Entrants must cope with a combination of trail surfaces. The surface may be uneven in several places and may also be slippery when wet.

Water Crossings

There may be water crossings for some of the trails.  Care must be taken at these crossings.

Course Marking

The course will be flagged throughout.


Gpx files will be available on the website for the Trails of Quad Destruction and the Prisoner Escape events.



There are significant and possibly life threatening medical risks associated with running the weekend races.  Please note that we will have an aid station and volunteer with First Aid certificate at the start/finish line at all times.

Potential risks from running trail races include but are not limited to:

  • Renal shutdown (a.k.a., kidney failure)

  • Hypothermia

  • Hyperthermia (heat stroke/heat exhaustion)

  • Hyponatremia (low sodium and chloride levels)

  • Injuries from Falling

  • Overuse Injuries

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Snake and spider bites (sit down and wait for help, do not move)

It is recommended that competitors adequately research these and other potential risks before competing in the Series events. If runners experience any of the above they should try calling on their mobile phone for assistance. The Race Director’s mobile phone number is 0423 858 660 and you should key this number into your phone’s directory in advance. 


The organisers of the Trails of Kings & Queens races have Public Liability Insurance coverage through AURA.  This insurance does not provide any coverage for injury or illness to Entrants, Pacers or Support Crews.  All Entrants, Pacers and Support Crews are encouraged to ensure they have medical insurance that covers them for injuries or illness sustained during the event.

         Race Communications

The race director number on the day will be 0423 858 660 and back up phone is 0412 054 427.

        Runner Safety

Runners must observe the following Rules.


    • Minimum 1000ml water

  • If the weather conditions are such that extremes in conditions be experienced, it is recommended the following may be utilised by the runner:

    • Suncream

    • Hat

    • Additional water

  • You must render all possible assistance to any person found injured or incapacitated. 

  • Runners requiring medication should provide sufficient medication for the race, and allow for eventualities such as fatigue etc.


    Timing Device

Timing will be provided for the 2021 event with a link to live results.

    Aid Stations

There will be 1 aid station at the Start/Finish line and we will also provide a water only aid station at the top of the hill where all trails climb to and ascend from. This will allow sufficient opportunities to resupply your water as this course is demanding and will require excess water usage.  The finish aid station will also include coke, lollies, crisps and fruit.


Runners may not store supplies or equipment of any description along the Course except with 100m of the start line.


Water will be provided at the aid station.


Absolutely no littering is allowed anywhere along the Course.  Breaches of this rule by Runners or their Support Crew will result in disqualification of the Runner, not only for this individual event, but for the entire weekend and affiliated Ultra Series WA events.



Runners who need to relieve themselves must utilise the toilets at the start line. 

Support Crews

Runners are permitted to have a Support Crew.  It should be noted however that with the aid station provided by race organisers and the relative short distance of the events, runners should not require a support crew

Runners are responsible for the actions of their Support Crews and can be disqualified if their Support Crew breaches the Race Rules and Regulations.  Support crew and spectators are NOT to assist their crew outside of the aid station or it will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Aid Station Protocol:

    • Crews must never act in such a way as to block runners, access to the Course or aid station.  If this happens, the supported Runner may be immediately disqualified.

    • Crews must adhere to instructions of all Officials, including requests to vacate certain areas of the Aid Station.

    • Support Crews must stay out of the resupply area unless their Runner is present.

    • Food, drink, medical supplies, etc., at the aid station are only provided for Runners.

    • No excessive noise or raucous behavior is permitted.  Please be as quiet as possible at Checkpoints.



Runners can only switch their distances at check in to the event. If you withdraw from the nominated distance, you must let the race director know immediately.


For safety and for measurement purposes, it is intended to have Sweepers following the last Runners of each race. 


Pacers are NOT permitted.

Schedule of Events

Friday 5th March 2021




Check-In commences for KING & QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN








Check-in closes for KING & QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN


Race briefing for KING & QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN



Saturday 6th March 2021


Check-in commences for remaining weekend events.


Check-in closes for remaining weekend events.






Commencement of Chariot races


Pizza night


Social night trail run

Sunday 7th March 2021


Race Briefing for PRISONER ESCAPE


Shuttle buses commence


First downhill runners for PRISONER ESCAPE commence and continue every 30 seconds for the next 4 hours.


Final shuttle bus departs


Final downhill runners for PRISONER ESCAPE starts.


Lunch at the cafeteria on site.


Final presentations over lunch.



Prior to the event contact Shaun Kaesler: info@ultraserieswa.com.au or phone 0423 858 660